Commission for the Jos Brink, LGBTQIA+ Award

I see my identity as an energy that is never fixed, it’s always in motion and open to transform. For me, Queering is the way one vibrates to someone or something else’s energy. It’s a sensitivity to a resonance that attracts me to another being.

The frequency of the sea shapes ripples in the sand, I resonate to the radiant energy of these ripples as they move into my energy field. The constant waves that shape the ripples are a metaphor to the energetic force for gender equality. I capture the ripples by using the technique of casting.

As I warp the casted ripples they are transformed into an energy field. Grains of sand are melted into a transparant, layered object in glass that captures a variety of motion.

I want to thank the winner for shaping ripples. A consciousness that will vibrate onto the lifes to follow.

photography by scott van kampen wieling