The tides recede and the water slowly pulls back as it reveals how the frequency in the motion of waves acts on the sediment bed. The movement modifies the sand geometry to shape forms in a variety of flowing movements, known as ripples. The ripples are captured by the technique of casting and mold-making. By melting grains of sand, a transparent flowing wave emerges which interacts with the surrounding light. ‘Morphodynamic’ forms an altered translation of a magical moment at the dutch sea.


Exhibition ‘Resonance’ at Paper Art & Design gallery


Celery, Chard

A resonance is a sensitivity to the movement of the entities and energies that build up our body. An inner-act attempts to reveal these intimate lifeforms. Bringing the inner to the outer, tapping into resonance.  
A composition of fragmented patterns translated from human muscle anatomy. Materials that within their tissues hold protein fibres dissected from vegetables. A discovery in the relation between food and muscles both in terms of nutrition and energy, but also for the material likeness as fibers.                                            

An inner-act seeks to find an essence of culture within nature by bringing equal position to non-human lifeforms that together make up an ecosystem in which we inner-act. The research is conceptualised in a garment resembling a second skin, acting as a mirror to human beholders.


photography by scott van kampen wieling



Commission for the Jos Brink, LGBTQIA+ Award

I see my identity as an energy that is never fixed, it’s always in motion and open to transform. For me, Queering is the way one vibrates to someone or something else’s energy. It’s a sensitivity to a resonance that attracts me to another being.

The frequency of the sea shapes ripples in the sand, I resonate to the radiant energy of these ripples as they move into my energy field. The constant waves that shape the ripples are a metaphor to the energetic force for gender equality. I capture the ripples by using the technique of casting.

As I warp the casted ripples they are transformed into an energy field. Grains of sand are melted into a transparant, layered object in glass that captures a variety of motion.

I want to thank the winner for shaping ripples. A consciousness that will vibrate onto the lifes to follow.

photography by scott van kampen wieling




‘A cyclic process’ is a video exploration of different elements part of the nitrogen cycle. The lens moves from the sun to the air, to the trees, to the plants, and into the soil where microorganisms and bacteria break down organic matter for the build-up of new forms of life, completing a cyclic process. The video raises a curiosity about the hidden processes within the soil. It has the potential for an increased appreciation to the energy performed by smaller non-human lifeforms that together make up an ecosystem we actively inhabit. 

Music by Paul Lubbers

special thanks to Jeroen Hooijmeijer, Foodforest Vlaardingen                    



In the process of cutting basalt stone, the friction causes a clay-like texture as an extra result. This substance dries up as fine lava dust. I saw potential within the fine dust. Could it be shaped into a desired form? By using the laser cutter I experimented by engraving the dust. It shows the potential of a continuous exploration of shaping 3d layers of lava dust into a 3d form. The result is volcanic glass or obsidian, produced when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth.